Can Fill Self-Esteem with Only One Additional Word

The other day, I went to a food court with my wife and ate Stone-baked Bibimbap which is Korean mixed rice.
The shop was authentic to serve it with a stone bowl like below;


石焼ビビンバセット 20cm
価格:5648円(税込、送料別) (2019/3/21時点)




When I cleared our table,  I brought the bowls one by one for my wife as well, because they are very heavy.

I said that “Thank you for the dish” to the shop staff when bringing it first.
On the way back to the table, I remembered some words which I learned at an NLP class as below;

  • Praise
  • Appreciate
  • Reward

So at the second time, I said


Thank you for the dish. That was delicious.

The staff had said “Thank you” administratively first. But at second, he looked at me and said it with a bright smile.



I thought at that time.


My NLP teacher mentioned many people got rare words to recognize. So people can fill their self-esteem with some words to reward for nothing special.

I will tell some words to praise, appreciate and reward people when getting these feelings.

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